About TLC Pilates Jsy

I aim to bring to you a new experience of core exercising, toning, strengthening, mobilising and flexibility in Jersey, in the newest Reformer Pilates Studio.

In my studio you can choose to experience group pilates on the Reformer or on the Mat. You will learn how to engage with your body and how to move correctly with well constructed workouts.

As you become proficient you will progress to more difficult exercises to keep you challenged and you will sweat once you start to feel the moves working for you during these workouts.

If you prefer you can have private 1:1 or 2:1 sessions, where you can also experience and enjoy the other pilates equipment.

I aim to provide expert tuition and enjoyment, to enable you to achieve maximum results.

I started training with Tania following surgery which left me with poor shoulder mobility and posture. I have now been training with her for nearly 10 years and doing both mat and reformer sessions are now part of my weekly routine.

I am now in my late 50's and have better posture, flexibility and fitness than I had 30 years ago!

Richard Leith

I have now been doing reformer pilates for almost a year, and having come from doing a lot of cycling I suffered badly with short hamstrings and was unable to touch my toes. Tania has worked wonders with my flexibility and I only wish it was something I had started earlier.

Mike Devlin

From Healthhaus members.

Can I just say how much I am enjoying the online classes. I especially love Tania's Pilates. Could do it over and over again.

Please pass on my thanks to Tania for an excellent Pilates online class. I think it's really well done and so helpful.