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July 19th 2020


 We are now fully operational and all reformers are now open. Hygiene guidelines are still in place. 

 Reformer straps have arrived and I have 10 left! They sold quickly. 

 Exciting news. Lisa Gardyn will be joining me in teaching at the studio from August. Lisa is BASI trained and will start with mat classes and very soon will be teaching Reformer also. Lisa is an excellent teacher and im so pleased she is joining me. Please check the timetable for Lisa's class times.  




June 4th 2020



We request that all clients do not enter the building until their session is due to start. Our waiting area is not in use and we ask that you do not wait outside the studio entrance either. In the event that you arrive early; please wait outside the main entrance door to the building.




The door to the studio and doors leading to the toilets have been wedged open to eliminate the requirement to touch door handles. Please do not close any of the doors that are wedged open. Naturally; all cubicle doors are not wedged open.



We have placed bottles of sanitiser at the entrance of the studio, you may either make use of this station or proceed directly to the toilets and wash your hands as per government's guidelines.



There are disposable gloves available for use on the reformer if you wish to wear them. Wipes and antibac spray and cloths are also be available.



You may wear masks if you wish but you will be asked to remove them if you wish to talk to me. Being deaf I lipread, therefore I can't understand anything said with a mask on.



All reformers in use will be thoroughly cleaned down after every use. Straps will also be cleaned with wipes after each use. If you have your own please bring them. I HAVE AN ORDER IN FOR 20 PAIRS OF STRAPS. Let me know if you wish to purchase a pair. 



We are required to have a separate toilet for staff use only. These are clearly signposted and we request that you do not use them.

We have been provided with specific directions for those using our toilet facilities:

- Once you have flushed the toilet, please use one of the toilet wipes provided to wipe the flush handle and seat.

- Place the wipe in the bins and NOT in the toilet. These are not degradable.

- Wash your hands and take ONE towel to dry your hands.

- Use this towel to also turn off the tap and place the towel in the bin.



The shower is not in use during the pandemic.




We request that clients change into their workout gear either at home or at work before they arrive where possible.

The storage boxes have been removed from the changing areas and we ask that you take your clothes with you into the studio/treatment room you are using.


Please place your clothes, shoes etc under your reformer at the back so they are out the way. Do not place them on any of the equipment.



Please bring your own water with you as the water stations are out of use.

June 1st 2020

As you can imagine the covid-19 virus has had a profound effect on everyone including how we are offering our services. 

We are still closed at the moment but waiting to hear when we can re open.  There will be stringent hygiene procedures in place and limited numbers to begin with.

We will ensure Reformers are thoroughly cleaned and straps are being machine washed everyday after use. Anti-bac hand gel and gloves will be provided.

We have put on plenty of LIVE STREAMING mat pilates classes you can join in to keep you going during this time.

Thank you for your patience, support and understanding during this tough time.


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